Rebecca Wild-Wesley

Clementine has a delightful way of narrating her life’s journey both in/out of Rwanda and as a refugee in the United States. Her triumph over adversity and her optimism after life has dealt its worst is a true example of the power of faith and belief in herself. She speaks equally well to the high school student, to professionals, and in faith communities as her story is ageless. You will know you are in the right place if you hear her laughter beckoning you to join the circle of listeners. Rebecca Wild-Wesley, RN, MA, CMC

Maegen McCaffrey

Clementine was the key note speaker at our recent President’s appreciation dinner, where the members of the RCAP team was recognized and congratulated for their important work in the community. We used her tagline “you are a masterpiece” as our theme for the event and it was very well received. Clementine’s unbelievable story and powerful and uplifting presentation about overcoming adversity and focusing on gratitude impacted every person in the room. The attendees continued to compliment Clementine and her inspiring and entertaining presentation long after the event took place. Maegen McCaffrey, Chief Communications Officer at RCAP Solutions, Inc.

Kathy C

Your visit to our HOPE alumni luncheon on Tuesday was the highlight of my entire week! The trials and tribulations of your childhood ordeal were like none other I’ve ever heard. It was a real eye opener into the turmoil of war. I’m most certain your written story is going to be widely read because you OWN such a happily broken experience to the extreme, by American standards. Rising above your hardships and finding gratefulness in your blessings is a wonderful message, and genuinely inspiring. Your positive attitude and willingness to share such a story was very much appreciated. Thank you so much

Cindy B

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending the HOPE For Women program. I was very impressed with your life story. You are truly an amazing women to have dealt with your struggles and still be able to talk to a group about them. You have inspired me to be able to tackle my struggles with a different demeanor. Again, thank you so much and I wish you well.

Hannah G

I just wanted to thank you so much for your powerful story and message! It meant a lot to me! I am so glad you had come to Bartlett high school because you really got to me! I just finished reading your book and I cried throughout the book! It was so devastating hearing your story but seeing how you got right back up and smiling every day, amazes me seeing how you went through so much ! You are one strong woman & definitely someone to look up to! Thank you so much!

Kathy B

Clementine, recently spoke at a luncheon of around 20 women in attendance. Right away, she was so inviting and charismatic as she told her unimaginable childhood story. No bitterness, just positive energy filled the room, making the event intimate and inspiring. Clementine is absolutely worthy of speaking engagements that uplift and celebrate gratitude, especially for the female population.

Clementine in the Media