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An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

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About Clementine


Clementine Bihiga uses her story as a motivational message to reach others going through challenging times. Her grace and poise on stage lights up the room and inspires audiences. She has transformed her life into a story to use as motivation for audiences across the world. She currently offers:

Motivational Speaking
Clementine has inspired audiences throughout the country and she can do the same for you. She brings her story of survival, resilience and leadership to life on stage through her passion and vibrant energy. Clementine has delivered Keynotes, has been Mistress of Ceremonies, presented at break-out sessions and has sat on many panels around the nation.

Individual and Group Coaching
Gain clarity and purpose to guide you by talking with Clementine. She helps individuals and groups develop powerful strategies to help meet their goals and feel fulfilled.

Customized Leadership Trainings
Clementine provides the resources and guided development to help develop leaders. She brings cohesiveness and increased productivity to groups by guiding them through sets of future goals and communications exercises. These include powerful workshops, masterminds, lunch & learns, seminars and more!

Who is Clementine Bihiga?

Clementine was only 8 years old when her family escaped from war-torn Rwanda. As her mother and youngest siblings piled into a car, she and her brothers had to walk beside the packed vehicle while bombs exploded beside them and bullets shot past their heads.

She spent the next 5 years in refugee camps and settlements. Clementine had to grow up quickly and become an adult-like 8-year-old. It is no surprise that at the age of 33, she has accomplished more than many at her age.

In 1999, her and her family were admitted to the USA where Clementine faced challenges of a different sort. Because of her past, many saw her as “different” and was bullied in high school. Where others would have quit and been scared away, she instead used it as motivation.

While in college, she started AFRIKA Club and held positions in several leadership organizations. She interned at the New York State Attorney General’s office, began her speaking journey and was able to travel the nation including doing work with the United Nations as an Agent of Change.

Later in life, Clementine once again encountered tragedy when she lost her daughter. Turning pain into purpose, she founded the Clarette Refugee fund which provides education to youth refugees.

Clementine has always used her past experiences as motivation and inspiration to keep her going through difficult times. Although she has lived through horrific events, she is resilient, charming, and features an addicting personality.

Among many other things, Clementine is….

  • 2020 Joe Belle Memorial Youth Alumni Award Winner: Read about her work.
  • Founder, Clarette Refugee Fund: Dedicated to providing education for refugee youth, the foundation is currently building a high school in Kenya.

  • She Knows Media Award Recipient: Clementine won the Voice of the Year Award in 2016.

  • Women in Action Award Recipient: Clementine received a Certificate of Excellence for her work with the Clarette Refugee Fund.

  • Receiver of Special Mayoral Recognition: Clementine received a Certificate of Special Mayoral Recognition for her work with the Clarette Refugee Fund.

  • Recognized by the Massachusetts State Senate: Clementine was recognized for her support of the mission of Women in Action.

Some Testimonials About Clementine’s Work

  • Dawn Witte, Inspire to Inspire Foundation founder: “Clementine Bihiga is a beautiful force. Her energy and presence are uplifting and her positive messages of resilience and courage and moving was powerful. She was born to inspire.”

  • Susan Wojtas, Director of Institutional Advancement, Anna Maria College: “Clementine provided an inspiring, uplifting, and entertaining presentation to our students and alumni. She is a positive force of nature and delightful.”

  • Maegan McCaffrey, Chief Communications Officer at RCAP Solutions Inc: “Clementine was the keynote speaker at our recent President’s appreciation dinner… Clementine’s unbelievable story and powerful and uplifting presentation about overcoming adversity and focusing on gratitude impacted every person in the room. The attendees continued to compliment Clementine and her inspiring and entertaining presentation long after the event took place.”

Why Book Clementine?

Clementine is a light in the darkness. Her powerful positive energy on stage along with her sparkling laughter in the face of tragedy and challenges is unparalleled. She has presented to audiences of all ages across the nation with rave reviews.

In the words of one audience member, Clementine “speaks equally well to the high school student, to professionals, and in faith communities as her story is ageless. You will know you are in the right place if you hear her laughter beckoning you to join the circle of listeners. “

Clementine is one of a few speakers who can talk about motivation and perseverance on-stage and then come off stage to help your company implement effective strategies with engaging leadership trainings. When in Clementine’s presence, you have NO choice but to GROW!

Clementine’s Two Promises

  • Each audience member will leave inspired and motivated to improve in at least one aspect of their life.

  • You will not be disappointed!

Invite her to speak or lead a group within your organization to bring in a whirlwind of positivity, productivity and gratitude.

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Hear her awe-inspiring story that leaves audiences motivated to overcome obstacles and grateful for what they have.